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What's in your skin ?

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90% Of Household Dust Is Skin: This Myth Has Been Dust Busted

I am sure many of you have heard this before that 80% - 90% percent of household dust is sloughed off skin cells. This common scientific misconception needs correction. The articles listed below are a sampling of info off the web all stating the same misleading data that is the endall to what house hold dust really is yes this dirty deadly dust is busted  - synopsis transmatter.


My health teachers misinformed me that skin regenerates daily and that old or dead skin cells fall of the body and become airborne eventually landing on surfaces of furniture and the floor.  Instructors were cheerfully pointing out that the skin is a magnificent organism and that it fully regenerates every 7 years and that the skin is constantly regenerating. When ever I heard that I remember jokingly thinking,  why does the person telling me this look so old. I'm sure many of you have had the same thought. Since I suffered from eczema this misleading statement raised many questions.


The dust is apparently a control agent that is constantly flowing through you body. This substance is doing all kinds of things some good some bad.  Since this substance is not discussed openly or known in any of the scientific sources that Korrekt has access to,  you'll hopefully hear about it soon, Korrekt considers it an unknown threat and a serious issue. Since science has labeled it as "skin cells" that are a majority of dust in your home its difficult to over rule that thinking. In many cases the dust does come from your body, but It's a combination of an unknown or unidentified substance that may contain a few skin cells, but it definitely not what we would call natural it has additional properties that have yet to be disclosed and in actuality brings in to question what a scientists may think is a skin cell may actually be something else.  Science obviously has made an assumption--thinking that since the sample substance collected from a subject came from the skins surface it is a skin cell.  This may be a fatal error that has cost many lives.  Saturation - Mindcrime - Transmatter Control Agent


Articles that state 90 percent of household dust is skin - disinformation


What to Do When Your Skin Itches  

Show us some skin!

Fascinating facts about skin

Never Ending Chore

Nuts And Bolts Household Dust Is Fact Of Life


Examples of skin cells.  When we get a chance we'll get some new images.



TV commercials

The little flying character that represents Elidel is symbolic of an agent (computer term for an animated character that can does various computer tasks (Microsoft agents) mostly for entertainment & advertising purposes, hence the use of it in an - Eli Dell - ad (dell is a computer manufacturer. The company is making this association combined with the fact that he fly's is definitely symbolic of a flying agent - transmatter control agent is the summary since it is sent to you through the air. The same applies to the dermatophyte  who checks his mail in the Lamisil commercial . 
Notice how the hair brush is thrown out of the way in the Elidel commercial. Many people with long hair collect a grey substance in their hair combs if they are not cleaned regularly this is in fact a control agent.
Arm & Hammer Allergen Reducer "It's not a cover up!"
Richard Klein on the David Letterman show 6.07.05 possibly talking about this recently posted page on It maybe standard material, read into the bit. It's got its points even a guy named Shawn, Sean, Shaun was on the show.  Partial clip, Korrekt will post more later. Klein's story is based on the website material.
San Francisco nanotechnology conference - info about nanotechnology "Nuts and Bolts" KPIX (reference Cummings Nuts and bolts household dust is fact of life). There maybe a link between nanotech and skin. Well at least there is link between the words the interviewer chooses to use (there kind of dirty, but with a name like Cumming what would you expect) and the article Nuts and bolts household dust.


Household pre air filter Transmatter Control Agent


The Passion Of The Christ

Keith Barry  Extraordinary Second   Sight   From   A "Mind Control Expert"


"It's not a cover up!"

90%  of  household  dust truth uncovered    >Lab<

A Beautiful Mind

If all  homes  have  mold so does your body  (CLX)  


The Constant Gardner (R)

Possible  connection  to  the cause  of  hurricane  Katrina


No   need    for   a    Zoe Implant.     You   already have   a  similar  &  more powerful  one.  See  The Final Cut Trailer  &  BJM

Homers Under Control !

Sounds    more     like    a cracking    sound       than paper shredding.  Is this a threat,    an    answer    or what's going on at offices around   the  world.   The WTC   had   an   invisible substance in the building that  made  the   structure fail.


Korrekt Television

Psycho Sounding   

A   means   of   obtaining information      from     an individual's mind  without his   will   and  awareness

We  are  all   victims  of a  large  scale  study similar to this  information stated on a Russian website.

About Control        >1  2<




These guys are talking about control.

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